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Originally Posted by goaliedad29 View Post
And you should read the actual study and not just what HA posted on their website. The study found that there was a 33% reduction in serious injuries (injuries that required a player to miss 10 or more days) for Alberta bantam players who had learned to body check as peewees as compared to Quebec bantam players who were being introduced to bodychecking for the first time. Although concussion rates were similiar, the overall number of serious injuries was significantly greater for the bantam players in Quebec. I think this does provide some food for thought for those who say that introducing bodychecking at a younger age has no "protective" value as the kids get older, stronger and faster.
So introduce long term health concerns via concussions in peewee to save a few broken legs in bantam. Gotcha.

I doubt many parents are worried much about a serious injury their kid will make a full recovery from. I know myself as a parent accept that risk.

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