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05-11-2013, 01:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Linus View Post
I know what you mean. It was luck in the sense that it went in the net with .2 seconds left, was deflected, etc. But it wouldn't have happened had the Blues gotten it deep or played to the whistle. All I'm saying is, I generally think that luck evens itself out, especially in a series of games.

Watching Hitch's postgame conference, I'm surprised he's that candid about addressing the core in the offseason. Say Oshie, Berglund, Perron, and Stewart are the players whose places are being debated. I think Oshie needs to stay, no brainer. I'd keep Berglund too, as frustrating as he can be, due to the lack of center depth. Of course, if the Blues somehow acquire another center, he could be more expendable. Out of those four, Perron and Stewart are most likely to go, but I'd rather see Stewart go than Perron. Realistically, what could Stewart + Perron get the Blues?

This post is already all over the place, but enough can't be said about Steen in this series. I was hard on him during the season but he really got into another gear in the playoffs. If only other players could find that extra gear that Steen did.
There are only 9 seconds left. You are a PUCK POSSESSION team. There is NO current pressure on the puck, as you have a player skating the puck towards your own blueline, with a convoy of two teammates between him and the opponents. WHY in heaven's name, WOULD YOU GIVE UP THE PUCK???? Just skate with it for 9 seconds!!! You play to the end of the period (and a couple seconds more (to be sure). You keep control in your team's hands. You don't pray that the clock will save you. It's the will to win and the confidence that you can take control and keep it. The Blues are not disciplined, not confident and not fully cognisant of what they should do. They keep getting that same lesson thrown in their faces, but never seem to learn from it.

Bringing in a couple of proven scorers will help them win more, and should help team confidence, but they also need to add more players who will do whatever it takes to win, and won't accept losing, and will get that through to the rest of the team. Maybe that will come in the form of the two added scorers AND, possibly, also a defenceman who replaces Polak or Russell or whoever goes in the package to get one of the scoring forwards.

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