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Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
Ya that worked well for the team during the 90s. Draft big if there is actual skating ability and some talent to go with that size. If you don't you end up with the likes of Terry Ryan, Turner Stevenson, Brad Brown, Lindsay Vallis, Jason Ward, Eric Chouinard, Brent Bilodeau etc.

Trade for or UFA catch the big winger we need. The guys we draft this year will not be in the cup window for 3 years, if ever, and by then, size may not be an issue.

Always go for speed and talent first 2 rounds, and avoid total midgets. On D, go for size, yes, but with speed and skill. For forwards, the draft is for talent and speed, not size, unless talent and size falls in your lap, which it won't , drafting 23rd.

Tough guys can be drafted rounds 4 and 5 if desired, unless there's a Zetterberg lurking there.

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