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05-11-2013, 02:37 AM
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I didn't get a chance in the game thread, but I wanted to congratulate you guys on the season. I know the loss hurts, and I hope me coming here doesn't rub salt in the wound, but you guys have a ****ing good team that, unfortunately, just didn't finish its chances.

I was very impressed with Steen and Schwartz. And that CPR line was beastly; I could only wish that the Kings fourth line was remotely that effective every game.

I know that there's been a long time of disappointment, but those many years of disappointment doesn't mean it will always be this way.

Anyway, good luck for the following season, and thank you for keeping a good, civil thread during the series. I look forward to talking more hockey with you guys in the future, and for what it's worth, this series has given me a greater appreciation for the team and its fans.

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