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Originally Posted by Nuck This View Post
I guess I'm in the minority who loves Mike Gillis? He's a really smart man and I'm comfortable with him at the helm. He leaves no stone unturned. Yes, he's made some trades that he probably wouldn't have in hindsight, but there's risk in every trade. Your not going to win them all. Also, players produce under different circumstances. Just because Grabner scored 30 goals or Hodgson scored 30+ points doesn't mean they would have done it here or been successful here. You can look at Gillis' angle on everything he's done and say "ya that makes sense" but it doesn't always work out the way they planned. At least he has the balls to make moves. Ballard, it made sense - Hodgson trade made sense.... same with Booth. Everybody expects perfection but it doesn't always happen. Name me a gm that's perfect? Not even Holland.
This. Fans due to their emotional attachment and investment are neither realistic, nor rational.

Making a trade for defence, at a time where defence is a gaping hole. Yup terrible trade
Making a trade to address scoring without giving valuable assets. Yup just terrible.

Moving a young, talented player that is not being a team player and is being unreasonable with icetime demands. Moving said player, before he demands a trade or holds out. Moving said young, talented player for another young, talented player. Yup just terrible.

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