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Originally Posted by BalticWarrior View Post
I`d say you still develop good prospects but you guys are just slightly above Latvia and Denmark.
Especially in case of Denmark we have the advantage of having some pretty decent players in good European leagues (not only KHL, but also CZE), while Denmark has actually managed to produce even more NHLers than we in recent years, but their OG qualifiers/WC result seem to show that they are lost as long as they don't have all of them.

As for Latvia, well somebody has mention last years' draft as a measuring stick (O Slovaks vs. 2 Latvians darfted), well in that case that person might have missed the 3 years before that (1 Latvians vs 11 Slovaks drafted)

I think our roughest patch when it came to developing prospects has actually been when it came to players born in late 80s and currently it's a bit better. But the lack of prospects in that time resulted in the NT management's inability/unwillingness for a generation change while building the NT. And there's still not enough willingness to say no to certain older players.

Not saying everything is bright and shiny, but we're not going to be below the level of Germany (who IMO is somewhat stagnating when it comes to developing prospects) and even in the junior categories the results don't show otherwise and the Germans don't win over us anywhere near as often as the Swiss (the other fact is that the Swiss have been having good results against us already 10-15 years ago in youth categories).

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