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Originally Posted by major major View Post
And then look at this year, NHL or AHL, he's well ahead of Savard, and has been for awhile.
-Which guy do you think is being groomed for the future? The guy playing top pair defense in the AHL, getting 20+ minutes in all sorts of situations or the guy getting 13-14 minutes in the NHL while regularily being a healthy scratch?

-If he was "well ahead" then he would be getting significantly more TOI, not the same amount. He'd also have better stats than Savard, which the opposite is true.

-By awhile you mean when? Cause Savard beat him handidly last year(CBJ management apparently thought the same as Savard was getting 5 more minutes TOI at the end of the season) and considering Moore had a whopping 1 assist for us, he wasn't this year either.

Lets look at it another way. If you adjust Savards stats to reflect the same amount of games played(which is actually not necessary since Savard already has better numbers in 51 less games) as Moore you get:

Moore: 86 games played 2 goals 6 assists -28 +/-
Savard: 86 games played 5 goals 20 assists -7 +/-

Hmmmm, more goals, assists, & points while having a significantly better +/-, while playing the same amount of minutes. So not only is he scoring more(better offense) but the opposing team scores less when he's on the ice(better defense). Maybe you meant Moore is "way ahead" at goaltending cause the actual numbers say Savard has him in every other category.

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