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09-26-2006, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by stick9 View Post
Ever play on a team where you were an outsider, or where you're the worst player on the team? Or play with your older brothers? That's no fun either. I'm the youngest of six boys. I know what it's like to be on the other end of that.

Sorry, I just think it would be better for them to play on the girls team. It would help raise the level of play. It's never a bad thing having a couple of players who are head and shoulders better then everyone else. Good players make those around them better.

Serious question here. What would happen if only one of them made it? I'm surprised it hasn't come up in one of the articles.

FWIW there are a few girls who show up to a pick up skate I go to. I have no problem with that all. They are really nice and are pretty good too.
I have, actually. I got better at a faster rate, and was eventually accepted by the others on my own merits.

Originally Posted by MuzikMachine View Post
So if the girls High School team is a "joke", why not move to another High School? I have a feeling that these two girls aren't prodigies who are light years ahead of every other female hockey player in Winnipeg that there isn't a girls team worthy of their presence. Even if they are, they might have to leave home just like the boys do when they go to higher leagues.

A comparison would be high school football. There are teams (or schools) were players are just learning the sport, and there are other more competitve school teams that are suitable for more experianced, skilled players who could pursue junior, university, or even professional careers.
Not everyone can just up and move. For one, it's expensive to move and often moving to a different city makes it difficult for your parents, family, etc. On top of that, there is nowhere near the potential payoff, as women's hockey isn't exactly a high paying career goal, whereas men's football can be. But moreover, the problem is that there's a perfectly good team right there for them to play on that would suit what they are looking for.

Frankly, I don't care two twits about these girls. The mere fact that they sought a monetary compensation for this makes their intentions questionable, at best. I just think that some of the arguments given in this thread are just as questionable.

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