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05-11-2013, 06:24 AM
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With both teams fully healthy, we're a better team than Ottawa. But not by much. Ultimately, this is a fair question but totally unanswerable, because you can't plan for these things. Some people are saying you CAN plan, by pumping up the roster with bigger guys who would add a layer of protection. But Emelin and Eller are big guys who were hurt on flukey plays. Pacioretty also has size and was playing hurt. The small guys? Gallagher, Desharnais, Bouillon - healthy, healthy, healthy.

And yet other teams are injury-free in the playoffs. Is it something about their roster? Boston's healthy now, but they were missing Kelly, Marchand and Bergeron a few weeks ago. There were endless threads about Ottawa's injuries (Habs can't seem to have one thread without some yokel jumping up and down and pointing) but they're mostly healthy now, minus Spezza. Do these teams just time their injuries better than us?

And we can't even say it's the same injury-prone players. Markov - of all people - remained healthy from day-one. Only Gionta may be suffering from a chronic issue.

There really is no pattern, no weak guys on our team, no invincible guys on other teams. We just got hit with a ridiculous number of injuries and couldn't play a full roster when we needed it most.

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