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09-26-2006, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I believe Foy was supposed to be all that and then dissapointed a lot of people. Something Ferland didn't do yet 'cause he didn't have the relative hype that Foy got, even though Foy was only picked in the 6th round. Ferland just knows his role and do it well. Don't believe Foy as ever found a role in this league yet and add to that that he doesn't skate well, something Ferland does have, gives Ferland an edge I think.....

Just wondering if they'll take the chance of losing him with all that debate you know which one I'm talking about....
Foy certainly has a higher profile than Ferland, anyway. But regardless of which one you like better (I'll take Foy, you can argue for Ferland) he's just one example out of dozens of similar-calibre players who are moving through waivers this week and next week. Many of whom have more experience and higher profiles than Ferland does. If you're picking this kind of player, you're picking him for a bottom-line checking role. The experience factor will be important. There are many players who would draw more attention than Ferland if any team out there was still looking for that (although by the same token, most teams already signed a few guys like that during the summer, precisely so that they'd already have those bases covered heading into camp). There's a surplus of supply and not much demand.

Assuming Ferland goes on waivers, then, care to make a wager on whether he gets claimed or not?

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