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05-11-2013, 08:04 AM
Cake or Death
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Originally Posted by Kel Varnsen View Post
I hate how so many of you are just willing to give the players a pass. Nash has been invisible, Richy has been our third best center (at best), DZ is an offensive dman who doesn't provide offense, but they're all okay it's the coaching staff's fault.

Who is out there on the ice, the coaches or the players? Sad to see so many of you refusing to place blame where it actually belongs.
I'm not giving the players a pass. I have stated my personal issues with the coaches since 2011, wanting them to alter a few things or bring in a tactical guy who can handle some of the gaps we are weak at, or otherwise get new coaches. But a lot of this is on the players. A lot of it.

I look at some of these guys, how below their norm they've been, in results and in effort, and can't help but feel like some of them quit on the coaches a bit. It really looks that way at times. At the very least, the full out effort is not consistently there from many of them.

Sorry, but if you have an issue, ask for a trade and show up to work every day until you get moved. There are people in the world busting their ***** for under $50k and it's hard to watch spoiled millionaires when they're half-showing up.