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05-11-2013, 09:01 AM
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Montreal started each game on fire. Ottawa mainly kept them out of prime scoring areas. As each game went along the Sens size would wear down the Habs and by the third period Ottawa would turn it up. Montreal got hardly any traffic in front of the net and no rebounds. Ottawa's D kept the front of the net clear for Anderson. If Anderson can see it he almost always stops it.

Ottawa played conservatively for the most part keeping the games close. This conserved energy for the third and as a result we scored half of our goals there.

Kassian was brought in after Druzinsky was knocked out in the Toronto game as a deterrent. Sens management didn't want Neil having to be our only fighter because he is too valuable to us on the ice. Smith, Neil, Cowen, Methot, Kassian, and Gryba can all fight and more importantly can play.

I was surprised that Kassian actually played vs the Habs because I thought he would be a liability. We didn't really need him this season because we have team toughness but we would rather him sit in the penalty box over any of the players stated above.

Montreal needs to target players in the draft that they can mold into those positions of need. Ottawa traded for Methot because he was from Ottawa and was a perfect match to play with Karlsson. Smith, Cowen, and Gryba were all picks who filled a role we needed with with Gryba actually being a surprise due to injuries. He pretty much will probably be on the roster next season as a result.

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