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05-11-2013, 09:19 AM
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Originally Posted by LastRide View Post
and then a nice early exit. I highly doubt the Habs finished first in their division because of MT tell you the truth. Sometimes a coach gets more credit than deserved.
I was very much against the idea of hiring Michel Theirren but I was clearly wrong. It's hard to believe you actually watched the team this season and could make the statement you just made. Seems pretty obvious to me that the single biggest reason for Montreal's surprising turn-around this year was the coach.

And for you to say "then a nice early exit" is purely idiotic. Do you think maybe - just maybe - the reason the Canadiens failed in the first round was because their starting goaltender was hurt? Their top scoring winger had a seperated shoulder? Their captain was out? Their third line center and fourth line centers got hurt? Their first pairing defenseman who led the team in hits and ate up major minutes was hurt? Their banging energy line player and team leader played hurt then missed games?

It's moronic to lay the blame for the loss at the coach and ignore all of those obvious debilitating issues. It just makes you look totally uninformed.

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