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05-11-2013, 09:25 AM
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Went to Spamalot at the Citadel last night. Sold out performance, great show. As usual thoughts went out to what Restaurant or spot should we try after the show. Not used to seeing a reasonable restaurant right in the facility. (most previous incarnations of restaurants in the Citadel have been bad, bad, bad, we wandered into the restaurant wthout much expectaion. Basically a lets hope theres something on the menu.

We needn't worried. We realized after sitting down that its actually Normands Bistro(didn't even spot the name lettering on windows outside, they could work more on signage to get people in here) and we had no problem selecting. I heard that Normands Bistro has been there in the location for less than a year. So news to me, probably to most people.

Wife had the Chicken Primavera pasta infused with rich tomato sauce, ample vegetables including spinach to set it off. Wonderful cheese blend detected. She couldn't finish. Huge delicious serving.

I had the grilled wet coast Salmon, again wonderful vegetable preparation. Salmon with caper salsa on top of sublimely(I'm a foodie, lol) prepared vegetable medley and with all vegetables prepared and seasoned separately in heaven. The tomatoes spicy tangy, Red cabbage glazed in a stock reduction, carrots like honey, all down the line. Great. Person could go to one of the lousy chain restaurants and get veggies microwaved out of a frozen bag of this. Oh, and the Salmon was perfect, nice thick cut that was much bigger than it even looked the caper/salsa on top perfect. Plain Jasmine rice maybe the only disappointment. Should be some safron in there.

Made sure to tell the waitress this was the meal of the year, well done.

Want more reason to go? Premum brand highballs at 6bucks/drink. Noted this in restaurant and at Theater bar upstairs where I believe it was even $5.50. Wowsa I'm drinking at the top theatre in the province and its cheaper than a bar. Unreal.

Next time you feel gouged at a hockey game paying 9bucks for horsepiss swill you are.

Looks like some entertainment tries harder. Good night Citadel/Normands Bistro, I'll take it, we went to 3 plays this year, were regulars for years before, and it looks like seasons tickets again for next year. Just too good to pass up.

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