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05-11-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Travis Moen View Post
In two years, I will bump this thread and all those ridiculing the idea of firing Therrien will feel like complete idiots.
No we won't. In 2 years the parameters will likely have changed and Therrien will be ripe for firing. Right now, this summer, it's a terribly stupid idea. That won't change in 2 years. No one is saying the habs need to get married with Therrien for the next 10 years.

Originally Posted by Travis Moen View Post
I get why MB hired him. He was the only francophone coach with experience available. Unfortunately, french doesn't win you cups. And experience doesn't make you competent. Especially when experience tells you Therrien was the sole responsible of his teams defeat a few times in the past.
Let me get this straight. If someone speaks French they're automically a terrible choice. This is what you're basically implying here. I do not understand why people are so bothered by it. There are 29 other teams you can cheer for which don't have this HUUUUGE french problem. What drew you to the habs in the first place? Why not embrace our uniqueness ?

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