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01-03-2004, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by SmokeyClause
He set up a screen, but I don't think the goalie was screened from seeing the shot. He was there, but it was a great shot by Erat. And the deflection wasn't exactly awesome. I won't call that a scoring chance. More like a potential scoring chance. Bottom line was IMO goals caused 1, goals created 0. Trotz agrees with me as 5 forwards recieved more ice time than Legwand. And Arkhipov was breathing down his neck ice time wise. Using ice time as a judge, he was a barely a top 6 forward for us. I won't say he's sorry. But his play sure has been.

This is the Legwand screen. He was there, but I don't think he screened Caron.

2 things. Numer one is that while he may or may not have screened Caron (only Caron knows for sure) he DID cause Caron to either play a bad angle or not see the shot at all. Legwand was FIRMLY planted in the crease and Tarnstrom couldn't move him out of the way. So by his actions Caron was screened (either by Tarnsrom or Legwand). He did a great job on that goal.
Another thing though that contributed to the goal was the fact that Caron had no stick as it was knocked away by Bergevin I believe before the initial shot.

Funny how things like the officials are subjective to fans P.O.V's. I thought they were awful from a Pens perspective.

One other thing. Even if Legwand recieved less ice than five forwards that is still top six ice time which is pretty damn good. I dont think he played bad at all and while he may never live up to the hype, he is still going to be a good player and there is nothing wrong with that.
Perhaps the dissapointment is due to that fact that people expected so much more out of him. One thing for certain though, he is still very young and has many years of development left. Be patient as he will come around.
Imagine if the Kings never gave up on Jokinen or Lang.....Leggie's gonna be just fine.

ps. I'd rather have Orpik than Hammie every day.

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