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Originally Posted by dubplatepressure View Post
Leafs fan coming in peace... didn't see a trade forum so just looking for a quick consensus.

In response to the above, we're obviously looking at moving up in the draft to grab that #1C we need. Calgary and Edmonton will likely hold their picks, as would Buffalo at #8.

Looking for opinions on the price for us to swap our ~20th for your 5th overall?

Kulemin seems to fill that 2nd line RW role - physical, all-hustle player. Had a bust year last year but upped his production this year back to the 40-50pt 2-way guy he is. Still has upside.

Gardiner is Gardiner, and I'm sure you all know him. He's back to looking great for us in the post-season so far.

So, we're looking at either Monahan or Lindholm with that 5th overall pick. What are your thoughts on Kulemin, Gardiner and our 1st for the 5th overall? Not enough? Enough to start the conversation?


I honestly think, at least based off what JR said in his presser at the end of the season, there's no way that we're going to move down. Our scouting basically sees this draft as having 6 very high (top 3-4 most years) level talents so sitting at #5 basically guarantees us one of them, most of us are thinking that'll be Monahan. On top of that our cap situation going into next season, with the changes we need to make on our blueline and our bottom 6 to make them tougher to play against, hurts this trades chances in a big way.

Basically it's a solid offer, but this isn't an ideal world where such a thing would make sense for the Canes.

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