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05-11-2013, 11:32 AM
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I had 5 minutes to try and make an entire roster out of nothing but $40 M of cap space.

I just took over the team and they were completely depleted. I signed as many guys as I could without getting too crazy. I barely even went for the big name guys.

I should have just sat there and let my team be run by players in there 50's and 60's?

Every single player I signed will be on my opening day roster and I am still going to have a few players playing that wouldn't even crack your farm team.

I am sorry if my managing upset you. However, once the season starts I can demote Savard, Kelly and 1 other guy to get under the cap.

*Also, in the NHL you can go 10% over the cap in the summer.

I am not sure what the rule in this league is, If I broke it, I am not sorry. I would have just dropped Boston if I knew that someone was going to cry if I signed more guys than him.

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