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Originally Posted by Rorschach View Post
I can count on my fellow Kings fan to not insult me but still give me his opinion.

The Kings needs are more urgent than most and what they need most are high end role players for low cap hits. And they need a backup who will be around for a bit, is competent and also a low cap hit as we're up against it severely with the cap going down and Voynov going up up.

I feel HF in general way overvalues prospects, and both of these guys are B+ prospects, A- at best for Bernier, and undervalues top bottom sixers. For example, players like Stoll command millions and players like Gaustad are worth 1sts.

What the Kings need to do is get players that fit their system, keep the run going AND don't cause cap problems. These two forwards were all that in the playoffs last year. We could trade Bernier and Toffoli for sexier stuff. But sexier stuff will have much bigger cap hits and we already have an amazing top five players in our top six. We will also have to give Brown a raise too in the very near future.

The point of drafting BPA (or Lombardi BPA, which is MVPA) is that you can still trade that prospect's value for the parts you need. This is that kind of deal.

I'm curious to see what the NJ fans think about this...
Bottom six players are highly valuable to a team and to me, your bottom six is just as if not more important later on in the season that your top six. You can win games with a great top six, but you win championships when you have both a great top six and bottom six. However, their trade value is relatively low except for the extremely hyped guys like Prust and Gaustad.

By no means does the value of any of the Devils players come close to the value of the Kings players. Carter and Bernier are above average fourth liners and great role players, however, they are just that. You don't pay premium assets for these guys. Perfect example is Carter was a waiver wire pick up by New Jersey and Bernier was signed to an AHL deal before finally getting his NHL deal with New Jersey.

Originally Posted by WildcatMapleLeafs28 View Post
Steve Bernier, Ryan Carter and Johan Hedberg all hold little to zero value. Bernier and Carter might fetch a mid round pick at best imo. Jonathan Bernier is going to get alot better return than that.
This exactly. Carter and Bernier's trade value is a mid-round pick, maybe a team may offer a third in a bidding war. However, their value to the Devils far exceeds that. However, it doesn't change his trade value.

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