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Originally Posted by Metzen View Post
Then why doesn't the city just pay for the whole thing and not give Katz anything and end your ridiculous *****ing? Why don't *you* push for that?

Contrary to what you say, the fact of the matter is Katz is putting money into this project and because of that he gets a say about it.. All your "speculation" does is cloudy the facts of this deal for people who don't follow this closely. Kind of like the tea-party'ers of the US and there "govt is after our guns BS". You similarly twist facts into heresay by attempting to connect dots that may or may not exist but you claim it as proof. Sad really.
Please indicate what I'm "twisting" or misrepresenting. I dare say I responded to such missive.

As for me "pushing" and getting involved my alderman is well aware of my stance on this issue and that he lied in his campaign, went directly against his campaign promises, and decided on his own, and without mandate, to vote for a funded arena. Something he stated clearly he would never support. Yeah, Sohi.

Tell me what one does with elected misrepresentation like this other than to make it expressly clear to as many people as possible including here online. In advance know ftr I've in the past substantiated Sohi's campaign pledges and statements as supporting documentation multiple times during this arena issue.

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