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Galchenyum's Fantasy Draft - Discussion Thread - Washington available, PM me

2013 NHL Fantasy Draft
Discussion Thread

Draft Thread

Roster Thread
Welcome to Galchenyum's 2013 NHL Fantasy Draft. Currently, the Washington Capitals need a GM, PM me if you're interested in taking over.

Below you should find everything you need to know about the game. Please read the rules thoroughly and feel free to PM me any questions, or bring them up in this thread.
Game Rules & Information
Game Schedule
2013 Offseason
• Sunday, June 2nd - 30-round NHL Fantasy Draft
• Date TBD - 10-round unsigned player/prospect Draft

2014 Offseason
• Date TBD - 18-round NHL re-draft
• Date TBD - 5-round unsigned player/prospect Draft

General Game Rules
• The Salary Cap will be set at $75M for the 2013-14 season. In order to keep things simple and accurate, the salary cap will be calculated on a "total cap-hit" basis rather than the more complex daily cap-hit system the NHL employs. Basically, if you remove a player with a 6M cap-hit from your roster at any point in the season(trade, injury, etc), subract that $6M from your total cap-hit. If you replace that player with another at $4M, you now add that $4M to your salary total. All GMs will be expected to manage their team's financials on the roster thread throughout the entirety of the game.
• We will use for player salary information.
• GMs will be required to have at least 30 players under contract each season in order to ensure that enough players are available to the GM in the case of injuries.
• A 20 man line-up(12 forwards, 6 defensemen, 2 goalies[starter/back-up]) must be kept active at all times. These 20 players will earn you points in the pool. You may also have up to 3 scratched players for a total of 23 players on the roster. These will count against your cap.
• Roster changes(injuries, call-ups, trades) will take place one day per week and be reflected on your line-up for that following week. Each week your roster will have to fit under the cap.
• There will be a waivers thread during the season. Players outside of your 23-man roster will be considered to be in the AHL and waivers will be in effect for affected roster movements.
• All real-life NTC's and other contract clauses will be ignored. The yearly cap-hit of the player is all we will take into consideration.
• No relocating/renaming/rebranding of your team. We'll be sticking to the 30 current NHL teams for simplicity's sake.

Fantasy Draft Rules
• The Fantasy Draft will consist of 30 rounds.
• Only players under contract(including expiring contracts) will be eligible for the fantasy draft. A separate 10-round draft will follow the fantasy draft for all unsigned players and prospects, including 2013 NHL Draft eligible prospects (MacKinnon, Jones, etc).
• The draft clock will run from 10AM EST time to 2AM. During this time you will have three hours, starting from the time the pick prior to yours was posted, to make your selection. Picks can still be made at night but the three-hour rule is frozen during this time. For example, if your window starts at midnight EST but you are unavailable until the next morning, you will have until 11AM EST to make your pick as the final hour of your window resumes its countdown starting at 10AM.
• GMs are expected to PM the commissioner(me) a list of players they are targeting before every round in order of preference. These lists will only be looked at and used if your pick is about to be skipped.
• If you miss your pick and failed to provide a list, this will constitute as a strike. Three strikes(or two consecutive picks) and the GM is fired, replaced by another.
• GMs who fail to make their selection within their four-hour window will be assigned a player based on the past seasons points and my judgement. I will mostly go with the easy pick and will not auto-pick players based on potential, or goalies.
• Once your pick has passed, please take ten seconds of your time to PM the next GM and let them know they they are up.

Re-Draft Rules
• The re-draft will occur every offseason starting in 2014 and will consist of 18 rounds of all signed unprotected players.
• Teams will send in a list of 12 keepers who will not enter the re-draft(six forwards, four defensemen, one goalie and a wildcard keeper of your choice).
• Players who go undrafted and are under contract return to their original teams.
• Teams will also have the opportunity to retain 5 unsigned prospects per season.
• A second draft will occur following the re-draft, for all unsigned and 2014 NHL draft eligible prospects (example: Aaron Ekblad will be an eligible pick).
• Once your pick has passed, please take ten seconds of your time to PM the next GM and let them know they they are up.

• Trading is obviously a big part of the game and will be allowed throughout the drafts and season. You may trade fantasy draft picks, redraft picks, and all players available to you.
• All trades must be PMed to me BY BOTH GMs for final approval before being officially announced. In order to keep the game somewhat realistic and balanced, any trades I consider to be severely lopsided will be discussed with the rest of the GMs and voted on before being approved. The first 11 votes posted in the discussion thread will be used to determine whether the trade is accepted or not.

2013-14 Pool Points System
• Forwards: Goal=1 point, Assist=1 point
• Defensemen: Goal=2 points, Assist=1 point
• Goalies: Win=2 points, Shutout=1 point


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