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01-03-2004, 02:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Corey
I think it is an issue. In addition to making the PP unit vulnerable to breakouts by fresh PKs, skating for 2 minutes affects your stamina for a few minutes until you recover, and in the meantime all the lines are disrupted. The players who are left on for 2 minutes usually are the horses who are stronger and fitter than the average player. Didn't CJ have an issue with Ribeiro's skating longer shifts? He's no Gordie Howe.
Sorry but on the PP you are NOT skating for 2 minutes... players are mostly static once they settle into the offensive zone, and that's what effective PPs do.

So as I said, if your #1 PP unit is effective, it can afford to stay on the whole 2 minutes without a problem.

And as I said this is even more important if a) you're 2nd unit sucks on a regular basis and b) your team has a lot of trouble scoring 5-on-5... as is the case with the Habs.
I can no longer stomach Koivu & Souray heading to the bench with a minute left in the PP, to see Juneau or Rivet or even Quintal come man the point. It just kills me.

Powerplays are an exceptional opportunity to increase your chances of winning the game... and I feel most teams seem to take that for granted.

It's like shortening your bench, your players will be a little more tired but you increase you chances by having your best elements on the ice more often... same should be done on the PP, when the conditions are as I said above.

Of course if the PP has been ineffective and they've been running around for half the penalty don't do it... but if all they've been doing is passing the puck around and coming real close to scoring LEAVE THEM THERE!
If one or two are tired, go change... but if some of the key players can manage it, stay on the ice.

I'm mainly thinking of Souray as I write this, I think this is quite obvious... but it applies to anyone who is a constant threat on that given night.

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