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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
jadeddog referring to "Eberle won't score anything higher than 12%" in context of a discussion about whether he could maintain 18% essentially means he is for the most part correct despite the .03 out of 6.00 respective differential. For instance who is most right? Those suggesting maintaining shooting percentage or saying it will decrease substantially?

If you want to hold him to this you should go into accounting or tax assessment. While mathematically, and technically you are correct, I would be stating you're not getting one more red cent from me, and that the pennies from heaven are worth nothing anyway.
I would then threaten to pay my next year tax assessment in pennies, or something like that which I got sidebared on...

ps ftr I've never welched on a bet. A bet is a bet is a bet.

Hows that for a confounding reply?
The bolded parts pretty much sum it up.

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