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Originally Posted by ddawg1950 View Post
Ain't over until it's over. And it ain't over yet.

I will agree Gillis put himself, or the team, in a tough position, by waiting for the right deal but I've always thought the draft/FA period will be the time he is moved.

And I like Lou, but he should have shut the **** up after the end of last season and Gillis may have been able to maximize the asset.
Can't blame Lou... This cluster muck rests all on Gillis. The bluffing he tossed out regularly "I've got 4 teams calling about him" was a joke everyone saw through. I think Gillis should be canned on that alone...
The list of bad decisions have been well documented. He has had good players in his sights but scrambles when he can't get them (offering Backes to an offer sheet then settling for Bernier; trading for Ballard while aiming for Hamhuis)... He's naturally in love with his own prospects and has sold short on some he inherited.
The team needs to roll back the odometer, seriously.

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