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05-11-2013, 01:46 PM
But y u mad?
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
You call it fluke injury, I call it broken down, washed up player.

He's done imo.
It is way to early to tell and common sense says that making that sort of conclusion off the facts we have is not astute.

I mean he got hurt and came back two weeks later when he should probably sit 4.
You take any injury where someone should sit a while and be on the IR and bring them back immediately and the chance of re-injuring is high. Heck, look what happened when Crosby tried - he missed even more time. Or Marc Staal last year - plays entire playoffs, probably re-aggravating the concussion, and misses 6 months. Maybe if we pull out this series, Clowe can be back in 2-3 rounds, but not until he is ENTIRELY healthy.

The fact that he continued to sit out despite the type of player he is. Clowe isn't a p****, shows something is wrong and he needs to sit.

What this really speaks to is how impressive Gaborik was for playing last playoffs. Now playing through pain is different than playing with a concussion (which Clowe is rumoured to have), but regardless that is incredibly commendable.
People have come back off incidents way worse, the man just needs time. This is unfortunate since he was acquired to improve our team now. However, if Torts is satisfied with his performance (I have been when he has played), I don't see any problem bringing him back unless he asks for something stupid.

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