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09-26-2006, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I don't friggin' know. Downey gives you some energy. A goal from a guy like that is like 2 from someone else because the team feeds off of it. I can't say that I've watched Ferland enough to judge things like defensive play, etc.

It depends on what you think of fighting ? Downey isn't a heavyweight but he can play and he's willing. If Gainey feels that the role is redundant, let him go.

Personally, I think they both could go. Murray the best player of the 3 and will drop the gloves on occasion.
If you think both can go, means that you have a spot for Kosty in the lineup either on the 3rd in Perez spot, on the 4th or as an extra. I still think he has some confidence to gain in Hamilton. That's why Ferland is my choice to stay, Kosty still has a ceiling to reach, Ferland is pretty much up there, being an extra won't affect him.

For me Ferland brings something that both Murray and Downey don't bring is the offensive touch. Obviously I'm not talking about 20 goals here but I believe he has in him more than Murray and Downey combined. Murray and Downey brings the willingness to stand up for teamates, can drop the gloves but Murray is faster. So it really comes to Downey's experience VS Ferland's offensive touch. Murray is definately the best of the 3 as of yet, but I could see Ferland, with some playing time becoming a better overall player minus the fighting.

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