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05-11-2013, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Theridion View Post
I don't care about this team.

Overpaid and not performing.

I said it before. Should I be watching them and cheering for them to... perform? Cheer for them to perform to the level they are being paid for? Cheer for guys earning 30 mil a year to try to play better than... Houston? That's pretty lame.

Angels strike me as what would happen if you gave a casual fan control of a major league team and a check book.

Its not good baseball. No balance in running... the pieces don't make a lineup. There are warm bodies filling the rotation...

Its all fixeable. But its going to be painful in trades to try to pry away pitchers from other squads at this point. This team is just broken and there's really huge changes needed in order to fix them.

Better off calling this year a learning experience and retool next Summer.
Maybe it's the coaching. It's not like we have had our share of a coach who's team seems to always struggle out of the gate after winning a championship. Whoops!

Mike Trout is no longer the leadoff hitter like he was last year. That's coaching who designates that. It's also coaching on who to put into the game from the bullpen and how long. Look at Joe Maddon from the Rays. He has no control over what players he gets to utilize, but still manages to make them competitive. BTW, Maddon used to be on that Angels championship bench as an assistant coach. Just sayin'.

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