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HF Summer League v3 (360) - Roster and Trade Thread

HF Summer League v3 (360)

Roster, Free Agency, and Trading Rules
- Trades: Teams are limited to three (3) trades each season. Trades can include no more than four (4) total roster players (defined by their ascribed role in the game) and six (6) total assets (draft picks and prospects). If necessary, one or two useless AHL players can be added to a deal to keep both teams under 50 total contracts, but these players cannot hold any value.

- Franchise Players: Each team must select three franchise players, and designate them accordingly on their roster and trade block. These players cannot be traded. At the beginning of each season (after free agency and player progression), GMs may swap one player out for a new player, making one of the former franchise players tradeable, but any change must take place prior to the start of the season. While GMs have flexibility to choose their three players (it need not be the three highest overall), it is expected that they will be among the team’s better players, or somewhat lesser players with high potentials. The purpose of this rule is two-fold: 1) to maintain a team’s basic identity (Pittsburgh without Crosby? Tampa Bay without Stamkos?); 2) to protect the league’s integrity and balance by assuring that team’s remain playable in case a GM opts to leave (or is removed).

- All trades are subject to review. Trades must be be posted and confirmed in thread before I will execute them in game. This serves two purposes: 1) in case multiple trades involving the same player end up going through, I know which one is valid; 2) it gives other GMs the opportunity to raise objections about a potential deal. Vetos will be used sparingly, and only to 1) enforce the franchise rule, and 2) protect the balance and integrity of the league. While there will always be “winners” and “losers” in trades, as long as they are reasonably balanced and adhere to all other rules, they will be accepted.

- No "flipping" rule. Players cannot be traded twice in the same season.
This rule also applies to prospects, but it does not apply to draft picks.
- Free agency: In order to avoid a loop in EA’s AI, the following minimum contract lengths must be observed in all free agency offers: For players with overall ratings higher than 84, all offers must be at least 3 years; For players rated between 80 and 83, or any player with a potential of at least 3.5*, all offers must be at least 2 years. There is no minimum for players 79 or lower, or for lesser prospects.

- Trading Block and Roster – All GMs are expected to post and keep updated a trading block and roster in the appropriate thread. This will make it easier for GMs to arrange trades. These rosters should include a current list of your franchise players.

- Existing Trades: The following transactions must be executed by GMs to complete trades reflected in the roster update:
- STL 1st to CGY (Bouwmeester) [conditional on making playoffs, otherwise, 2014 1st]
- PIT 1st to CGY (Iginla) --
- MIN 1st to BUF (Pominville) -
- NYR 1st to CBJ (Nash) -
- LAK 1st to CBJ (Carter) -
- BOS 2nd to DAL (Jagr) --
- PIT 2nd to SJS (D. Murray) --
- NYI 2nd to ANA (Visnovsky)
- OTT 2nd to STL (Bishop) --
- VAN 2nd to DAL (Roy) --

Link to Eastern Conference Teams, Contact Information, and Rosters

Link to Western Conference Teams, Contact Information, and Rosters

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