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09-26-2006, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Joe Cole View Post
I guess we are running out of things to dissect beyond recognition when we start talking about guys on the edge of not being able to skate on a 4th line for a team that scrapes by to make the playoffs.

I mean... really.

As for the "adding one more french name to the roster" arguement.... I cannot relate. Why anyone cares what ethnicity a 4th line player is, is beyond me. Hockey is entertainment.

Get over yourselves. This is not the "national" team. It is a PROFESSIONAL hockey team owned by an American. When it comes to professional CLUB teams, who cares where they come from? Even the Canadiens.
When it comes to a sport where a difference of 2 points is enough to either make the playoffs or not, not only the 4th line guy is important but even the depth in your farm team in case of injuries and all.

As for the French factor, even though I didn't want to bring it, not saying it should or it will, but was asking if Bob will take his decision based on the whole french controversy about not having enough french guys on the team and letting go some others though we all know Ferland won't have the same impact. But what can I say? Having more locals players attract more people to go and watch. Does this make this team better??? Obviously not. The Atlanta Braves have a record of Local boys.....But it's not like we're taking a Championship team and scratching some foreign guys and have our french boys take their place for the fun of it either. Our language alone shouldn't be enough to put you on the lineup, obviously. But with the same level of talent, when somebody brings you something, and somebody else brings you other things, such as this example, I say why not....

Ferland can do the job and his name could be Ferlanov, Ferlanski or Ferlund, I would take him over Downey.

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