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05-11-2013, 03:21 PM
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I think money is not a problem, and MB will have more money to spend in one year, he will pay the price and i'm sure that was part of the plan

Bridge contract had a really good effect on Subban, I always was a fan of Subban, but this year he grow up a lot as a player, as a proffessional, as a teammate ( never speak of him this year, always speak of the the team ) he admit that he learn a lot and gain maturity this year, he also addmit that he appreciate the fact that MB took the time to go speak face to face with Subban this summer explaining his point of view, also that now team have great leadership.

I really dont think Subban is piss at all with the organizaton about that, I think that both of them knew that MB will have to pay big money for the next contract, I would not be suprised if they agree to a extension this summer, like a 8 years contract with Karlsson type of money

Making Subban sign a bridge contrat make a statement that is the way that the canadiens allow contract, it will be the same thing for Gally and Chucky. so was for Price, Pacioretty...That will give the team a good way to manage the salary cap giving a chance to sign more good player because they know they will have room under the cap knowing that Gally, Chucky, Tinordy,Beaulieu.. will not cost big money until there 6 season.

In my opinion , its a good way to have a great young core for many years. of course maybe we had a chand to save 1 or 1.5 milion per year on Subban, but gave like 3 milion for two years to the team, it will be the same for Chucky....

well that was my two cent

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