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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
My this sounds familiar.

But you're also citing one game from last years, in my opinion, underachieving playoff run. Rangers played 20 games in that post season.

My point is that we traded a team that had a ton of history, a ton of cohesion, and a great team culture for a bunch of question marks.

I do like Nash's game better than Gaboriks. I like Brassard's better than Artie's (though AA was better on the boards). Moore has been a revelation. I miss the hell out of Dubinsky.

Torts had HIS team last year. Tough hockey, forecheck like hell, block shots, grind wins out. That locker room culture was custom built around the guys we had. There was a real band of brothers thing going on, and they played harder for it.

and now, 3/4ths of our team hasn't even seen a Torts training camp. And people are SURPRISED when we look unprepared. I think we may see some of that in the coming years. The team gets to know itself a bit better, maybe. You don't just throw a bunch of names into a lineup and expect them to play like a team.
Pretty much all of your posts in this thread FTW.

The amazing things about these threads is that one person will blame this player, one person will blame another player, one person will blame the coach, etc. A loss is not a result of one player. So for anyone here to be arguing that a certain player is the sole reason a game is lost, you should really save your energy. Expressing opinions, totally understandable. But saying "BOYLE IS SELFISH, WE LOST BECAUSE OF HIM" and arguing against people about it is flat out idiotic. You are severely in denial if you think our team is flawless every game with the exception of one player that somehow messed everything up.

I am positive yet realistic. So, I personally didn't expect the Rangers to make it into the playoffs, let alone into the second round. Why? Because we have a different team from last year that didn't practice under Tort's "system" due to the lockout and due to mid season acquisition. It was apparent during many games that the team could win, but it was pretty much for a different reason every game. One game Hank dominated. One game we suddenly scored 4+ goals. One game we blocked a ton of shots and it ended up being the difference. That is all good and well for the regular season, but that won't work in the post season when you are playing the same playoff caliber opponent night after night.

The team isn't bad, in my opinion, by any stretch of the imagination. But there is a lot working against them and they are going to need another season to really fix all of the chemistry issues.

Why do you think you guys blame Nash, Cally, Hank, Pyatt, Hagelin, MDZ, Girardi, etc night after night? Look at the laundry list of players you complain about. There is a reason there are 10 players to complain about and not just one. And that is the reason this is not our year.

All just my opinion of course...

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