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05-11-2013, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Lol, whenever racism is the topic of discussion, the number one concern for white, heterosexual, able-bodied, possibly christian males tends to be whether we are being "too PC," and that perhaps some of the criticism could be "anti-white." Their suggestion is typically to just "forget it," because after all, "who cares"? That is unless and until whites become the topic of discussion, and then all of a sudden the conversation becomes "anti-white."

Your response is nothing but petty jingoism used to deflect the conversation from a valid point: of course those who are the benefactors of society as it exists today wish to ignore criticism of society as it exists today. Such criticisms from these benefactors should therefore be dismissed out of hand.
I was going to let your ignorance slide but ok Captain Courage, lets see you defend this...

The poster you responded to said 'who cares' in response to this post:

I made a comment to Bruce Garrioch at the Ottawa Sun via twitter about my disgust of the ELLER pics and headlines in the Sun after Game 1. My Twitter avatar is of me in a "parka in an igloo" as I worked in the arctic ...his comments back were "Just come out of your cave" ..... I commented on that and was blocked from his twitter account ..... sounds like a few journalists from our nations capital need some "sensitivity training" .... (as do some everywhere!)

Bruce Garrioch ‏@SunGarrioch 4 May

@AcadiaAxeMan Did you just crawl out of your cave?

Don MacAskill ‏@AcadiaAxeMan 4 May

@SunGarrioch BTW it's a jepa (parka) and taken in an igloo - you disrespecting the Inuit now #whobelongsinacave #ottawasundisgrace
Now show me where the racism is. Go ahead. Since you're so confident there shouldn't be any problems now should there?

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