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Originally Posted by 14ari13 View Post
We have 8 playoffs series now and which one/s can we say that one Coach has clearly outcoach the other?
Hawks were supposed to win easily and they did. Coaching had 0 impact.
Sharks swept Nucks. Obviously Sharks' Coach outcoached Canucks'.
Blues had the 2-0 lead in the series and then lost 4. Another example of Clear outcoaching.
Our series, no matter who wins, I am not sure coaching has much to do With it.
Sens winning "easily", their Coach outcoached the other.
That's it.

I can't come up With any example of Babcock outcoaching somebody, but I can't think of the opposite either.
I am not sure coaching had an "game deciding" impact on ANY of these series.

How exactly did the Sharks outcoach canucks??
-The canucks had scoring problems all year, and they could not score enough to win a single game. I would call that player deficiency. Goaltending was supposed to be strong, it was not (Game 1 and 3 were bad).

How exactly did the kings beat the blues?
- I have no idea i didnt watch any. Do the coaches matter all that much?

These are very tough questions because measuring coach skill is almost impossible.
Show me a "quality" coach, and I'll show you a "strong roster" of players.

Is Babcock good? I honestly have no idea.

If we played MY lines. I would play all 5' 10' euro skill players, and we would prolly lose every game. And I would say "I thought skill would beat size". Because it does right? According to babcock he mixes skill with size. (This explains his use of Abby on the top line, whether you like it or not, even though alot of us here think Nyquist on the top line would be better, MAYBE it wouldn't) But we will NEVER know.... Until we do know.

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