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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
And if Fedorov's defensive dominance and importance was as great as you imply for those Wing teams, the Wing's would have more than just 3 Cups and the season Fedorov sat out for 3/4's of would have yielded a great variance or at least some variance from the seasons pre and post. THERE WAS NO VARIANCE AT ALL!!!
Detroit went from
96 131
97 94
98 104 points (Feds plays in 21 Games )
99 93 points
00 108 points

There is alot going on here, Lidstrom is maturing and becoming even better than he once was and you of all people would say the gap was larger, than what I would say. Nothing really proved by your statement here.

The Red Wings were a great team but also were in the same conference as that great Avs team and the Stars of the late 90's as well.

As far as Middleton vs Maruk, that is not even remotely relevant to this argument. It's a completely asinine one to be honest.
Middleton's production is a hell of a lot closer to Maruk's than Fedorov's is to Mario's.

Middleton's 1.23 PpG over those two seasons while providing a strong defensive presence to Maruk's 1.46 PpG is a long ass stretch from Mario's whopping 2.68 PpG to Fedorov's 1.37 PpG. ALMOST DOUBLE!!!
Like I said, ASININE!
Really Maruk had very little support (and like Mario would ahve been the focus of the other teams top checkers) and Rick played on a really good team but you didn't see the irony of Maruk's "offensive dominance." Middleton was a good 2 way player but he wasn't winning any Selke's either.

Maybe Bob Gainey might have been the better example but he is an over rated guy IMO.

Just show me where Fedorov's defensive play is equal to 1.31 PpG. The very ESGF/ESGA ratio's you yourself provided show, beyond a shadow of doubt, it's not even close to that!
Well the ratio actually does make up for the imaginary 1.31 PPG average Mario has over feds in 96. That's because for every 1.31 PPG Mario is scoring he is also on the ice for probably more than 1.31 PPG.

The thing is that we can't measure exactly how much to attribute to Mario and Feds in their ESGA.

we also know that Mario scoring 7 points in 2 blowout games doesn't help the pens in any other games, so the 1.31 PPG number really doesn't mean anything does it.

We do know that Mario was a beast on the PP and that Feds was the better overall player at ES, the judgment call on who was the better player overall is subjective and I have explained and laid out why I think Feds, and by extension Jagr as well, was better in 96.

Please for the love of god , don't trot out Mario's ES scoring as some sort of victory or being better than Feds because it's simply only looking at half of the ES equation and in reality is meaningless if used without proper context..

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