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05-11-2013, 05:01 PM
Flyers Win 201x Cup
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Originally Posted by dookie88 View Post
Phoenix needs scoring, and possibly a goaltender.
Since they probably won't take back Bryz I could see them being interested in Read, Couturier and maybe Briere (they'd obviously be interested in Voracek, G, Simmonds, B.Schenn etc. too, but I believe these guys are untouchable).

Briere + 2013 first rounder + 2013 third rounder for Yandle
Read + 2013 first rounder for Yandle + 2013 second rounder
Couturier + 2013 second rounder for Yandle + rights to Boys Gordon

Probably a little low, if other teams get into a bidding war I could see Yandle returning three major pieces, as in first rounders and roster players.

The Blues really don't seem to have a lot of holes in their lineup.
Couturier certainly would make sense as their centers are kind of average, but he wouldn't be an immediate improvement.
THe Coyotes are not trading Yandle for those packages. If you remember back at last year's draft, it was rumored they were asking for 3 big pieces+ for Yandle. Clearly, they value Yandle like he is Weber which he is not. The price to acquire Yandle would not be worth the cost.

The one piece I believe the Blues are missing is an elite scorer. I think BBS hit the nail on the head on why they lost to the Kings this year.

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