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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
It is irrelevant in so much that a team that lost 10 years ago has absolutely zero to do with today it will not influence our performance in any way shape or form. It really is coincidence and a really terrible one for rangers fans at that but it's a coincidence nonetheless that we've lost that many game 7's on the road. Amazing that that's how it works for this franchise.

But I will say to you and the other guy that it is relevant to many fans because it's a demonstrated pattern of failure and as a defense mechanism some fans are going to avoid getting hopeful and I don't blame them. Going into OT we all had hope but I can't deny that something naturally held me back and my thought was that we would lose. I had the Jets go to two AFC cham games and I, especially for the Pitt game I had allowed myself to be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had it. First offensive play is a fumble for a TD. Then Kyle Wilson drops the INT on the Pitt 30 and we rough the punter immediately after to extend the Pitt drive and of course we lose by one possession.

Then the Rangers get molested by the Devs. Lets go for another decade of pure incompetence because that's what comes next
The problem is that the gentleman you are talking to is trying to make an actual inference. He's trying to make an intellectual statement about the Rangers' chances. He is not saying that "this is why I don't get my hopes up, I've been scarred", he seems to think that teams that played decades ago have some sort of impact on what happens in a potential game 7 in this series.

So at best it's a superstition. He thinks that there is some mythical "Rangers jinx" that prevents teams decades later from winning game 7s on the road. Or an astounding lack of common sense.

He already insulted my intelligence because I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought it was superstition. A benefit of the doubt I shouldn't have given him because his profound argument was "well if history had nothing to do with it, they would have won game 7 on the road at some point". Seems like it was not superstition after all.

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