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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
His post was informative and didn't even offer an opinion you are being a complete jerk to him for no reason. I am not saying "You're a jerk!" I am saying that you are just being one to that guy with this one post. And not for nothing all of your Torts defending is nothing more than speculation and assumption. You assume the players aren't good enough and assign zero blame to Torts. That's a nearly impossible thing. For the coach to have absolutely NO culpability for the players mistakes? Such an assumption applies Torts is an actual hockey god! There are many mistakes Torts makes and of course the question and speculation is how many are truly Torts fault? How much SHOULD he be accountable for?

I think no matter what torts has done a great job training the players to be a family on the ice up until this season. He has helped a lot of defensive talent rise to the top. He got this team to a ECF and nearly a Pres trophy. But he cannot preside over an offense as incompetent and poor as this, make no adjustments through the year, have the same terrible PP year in and year out and get a pass. These players get the D. If Torts doesn't do his job and get the O going and the PP going with a level of acceptable output than he has to go and someone has to be brought in to complete the puzzle.

So I am not attacking you and I admit the fans attacking Torts are dealing in speculation as well. But that post I quoted and many of your stances seem very biased and ridiculous moreso than any1 else who posts here
I didn't make comments for RangerBoy and I appreciate that he constantly provides information for us. I was merely commenting on Jeff Gorton, not anything to the poster.

I had voiced my displeasure with Torts earlier in the year. There was a Torts approval/disapproval thread about 2 weeks into the season and I was one of the first ones to disapprove of him. But coming to realize the makeup of the roster, I don't think the team is any good.

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