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01-03-2004, 04:07 AM
Lanny MacDonald*
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I talked with a pro scout the other day and asked him directly about the Iginla situation and who would be interested in getting Iginla. He said 29 teams would kill to have Iginla, just not his contract. Every team is looking at salary right now and know that they can not afford a player like Iginla going into the brave new NHL world post new CBA. Button made sure that Iginla was unmarketable when he signed Iginla to the contract he did. While Button was one of the biggest imbiciles I've ever seen work in the NHL he might have stumbled into a sure fire mechanism that makes Iginla a Flame for a good long time.

As for Bicycle Repairman's garbage, the Flames are over budget, but based on the number of injuries they have run into they would have been over budget anyways. Having Turek on the shelf saves them $55K per game, so if Turek is on the shelf for another 10 games (20 games beyond the insurance clause) he will knock $1 million off that overrun. Conroy being on the shelf will likely have some insurance money coming the Flames way as well (the top five money earners on every team are required to be insured IIRC). That will work in the team's favor as well. Add in the strength of the Canadian buck and the increased seat sales, and that over-run can disappear really quickly.

I would think that someone who worships Bruce Doh'biggen would have had a better grasp on the factors that can influence a budget overrun and mechanisms that might correct it. Oh wait, we are talking about the same flaming clown (coincidence that BR has a flaming clown for his avatar? anyone see a link?) who has been shooting off his mouth in the papers that Iginla needs to be qualified at over $8 million this off season. For a guy that wrote a book on the business of the game you would think he would have a much better understanding of the CBA and realize that a player earning over the league average salary does not need to be qualified at anything higher than his existing salary. Just another indication what a complete moron Bruce Doh'biggen is and how little he really understands the business of the game and the game itself.

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