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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
At no point did you ever say "well educated." Probably for the best, though, as you wouldn't be fooling anybody then, and you're not fooling anyone now.
Actually I meant to write it but I figured it would be kind of obnoxious.

You're not even making sense. In your pathetic attempts to remain reserved and apropos you say two things which directly contradict each other:

"racists should get exposed"

"[exposing a racist] makes you look like a ******* child."

There is a further contradiction here:

"I'm the first [to point out racism]"

"[pointing out racism] makes you look like a ******* child."

So what is it that's supposed to happen? We'll expose racists, and racism where it still exists in society by inventing a dream world where only idiots are racists, these idiots have no influence in society, and in which society doesn't influence these idiots to act in this certain way? In fact, if someone suggests that these things aren't the case, we'll shout them down just to make sure!

That oughta do it.

The reason why I asked those demographic questions of you is to put your indifference in context. It's typical.
Choose your battles. Getting all bent out of shape over non-racism (your pathetic twitter fight) and a nobody no one has heard of using a racist term is EXACTLY LIKE how North Americans have made the media be so awful. Everything has to have a blame, a bad guy, something to be outraged about so the homebody can feel like they defeated racism.

You and your ilk can take your sanctimonious bull and shove it - I doubt a single one of you even knows, or cares about, what a certain in-power Canadian political party is doing to immigration laws (jingoism) or social service access (racism)... but one asshat on twitter and you get all aflame.

It's just twitter - you can't even publish coherent thoughts on it due to its character limit - grow the hell up.

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