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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
I like your Goaltending picks with the exception of.... Glenn Hall. If I could turn back the clock & capture Lightning in a Bottle, I'd replace him with wee Roger Crozier circa 64'ish. I was never a fan of "Mr. Goalie", and as your likely aware, I played net myself, as a kid witness to the Big 4 or 5 of Plante, Sawchuk et al.
I like Crozier, but I absolutely have to go with Hall.

He came in and basically took Sawchuk's job away in 1955. Sawchuk was the best goalie in the league at the time. He was then traded off two years later with Ted Lindsay to Chicago (which led to Johnny Bucyk being dealt to get Sawchuk back). Hall continued to play amazing hockey in Chicago.

Crozier only played three of his fourteen seasons in the Original Six era, so it's really hard to argue for his inclusion even if he were worthy on a skill basis.

As for the "style" part of your post (which I clipped off), there's an easy answer.

Stop. The. Puck. I don't care if you use, stand-up, hybrid, butterfly, "flopping", or telepathy* as long as you keep the puck out of the net.

The guy who is the best at keeping the puck out plays, regardless of whether he's a 5'6" standup or a 6'3" butterfly, or any other size and style. Puck not in goal=success!

*-telepathy has been added to the list of known goaltending techniques with Jonathan Quick in the NHL.

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