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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Actually I meant to write it but I figured it would be kind of obnoxious.

Choose your battles. Getting all bent out of shape over non-racism (your pathetic twitter fight) and a nobody no one has heard of using a racist term is EXACTLY LIKE how North Americans have made the media be so awful. Everything has to have a blame, a bad guy, something to be outraged about so the homebody can feel like they defeated racism.

You and your ilk can take your sanctimonious bull and shove it - I doubt a single one of you even knows, or cares about, what a certain in-power Canadian political party is doing to immigration laws (jingoism) or social service access (racism)... but one asshat on twitter and you get all aflame.

It's just twitter - you can't even publish coherent thoughts on it due to its character limit - grow the hell up.
Amen brother.

Conquering racism through twitter is about as productive as the war on drugs.

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