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05-11-2013, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
Dry sense of humor or not, that's pretty good lol. If he fell for it I would of been worried.

It's interesting that from what it seems they don't seem to be directly dismissing Roy as a coaching option. However made comments about experience, and not hiring someone from the Junior ranks.

Everything pretty much points to one of Tippet, Ruff, or Boucher, as 'experienced' guys. I don't really consider Boucher to be extremely experienced myself but he counts.

I still wonder if Eakins coaching in the 'Pro' ranks gives him the needed experience to be considered if they're serious about that. They haven't said specifically 'NHL' experience.

Ruff is probably the easiest choice (I wont think about AV until hes actually fired.), especially considering the fact that they could get him well before the draft, and he has the most experience.

Not that the Worlds are the NHL, but Ruff having to bench players in that tournament does not look good.

I really want Eakins or Tippett....
Tippet's a great coach, but for all he does well, I wouldn't consider him a "passionate" coach. He's fairly calm, analytical, and collected. The amount of times Sakic has used the word passionate to describe the next coach, kind of eliminates him IMO, even if he wasn't worried about a more defensive approach.

My guess is the leading candidates are Roy, Ruff, and Boucher, with Laviolette and Tortorella as possibilities if they are let go.

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