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05-11-2013, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
Conquering racism through simply ignoring it is about as likely to accomplish the goal as the clap trap Ron Paul blathers on about is likely to accomplish any of its goals.

"Just so long as we do nothing, this will all be resolved."

So far as the twitter response, I think it's absolutely justified. Tell this ******* his opinions aren't welcome in the public you want to see. What about that is wrong?
Alright, let's lay all the cards out in the table.

First, there's an obvious jump between suggesting to ignore twitter slurs and "simply ignoring racism." I think you know that already though.

Second, It's very clear that this thread was started with the intention of making Ottawa/Sens/fans look bad. Lets not pretend like this thread was started for some sort of altruistic purpose.

Third, we're talking about a tweet from 5 days ago after the dude had already deleted the tweet and issued an apology. So what exactly is this thread doing to stop racism?

Idiots will continue to say dumb and offensive things despite people giving them **** for it. If you think that's a deterent then I'd love to hear your thoughts on why life long jail sentences aren't a strong enough deterent to stop people from murdering each other.

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