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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Same thing would happen under Martin. I mean seriously man, how many times have we seen the team get the lead and then blow it in the 3rd?

As for teams figuring us out down the stretch... a lot of that has to do with our blueline. Markov was worn down and old. Gorges didn't live up to the hype and we had a young group back there. Price also wasn't himself.

Like I said, I didn't agree with everything MT did, but I certainly don't think he did a bad job.

Well, a guy like Karlsson is going to burn a lot of teams. Fact is that we have a D that is mostly either inexperienced or old. Subban and Gorges are the only guys in their prime now.

I thought Martin was awful and he didn't accomplish squat. Halak caught fire (after the worst Canadiens season I'd seen... ever that somehow got in with 88 points) and put us on his back. We should've been gone in round one in five games. Martin blew chunks.

As for Carbo, all I can say is that I'm glad he was gone after his mini stint here. He ruined younger players like Perezhogin and he should stick to broadcasting because he sucked ass too. And he had the luxury of a much more experienced blueline as well.

Markov was never great defensively. I know that nobody wants to hear this but it's true. And now... yeah, he's bad defensively. Gorges? I have no idea what the **** happened to him but he's not the same guy.

I completely agree with you on crashing the net. But who was going to do it? DD? Busted up Max? Pleks is suddenly going to turn into Holmstrom?

We need to change the culture of this team. We're going in the right direction but we're still too small and there's still too many guys not going to the net. We also don't have guys who can clear the crease. Tinordi is coming up so that will help. Beaulieu is supposedly good that way. MT isn't going to turn Markov into Rod Langway dude.

We built a team that's supposed to be skilled but it's small and soft. I don't blame MB for this but its still a weakness. I thought we played well and had we gone to the net we could've won. Personally I think that's on the players and not the coach. No way MT wasn't begging those guys to go to the net.

I think one postseason is a pretty poor measure of judgement actually. Esp one where we had as many injuries as we did and came so close to winning.

Again, this is a poor argument. He coached bad Habs teams and then he coached a young Pittsburgh team all the way to the cup final.

Okay, so then why do you ask why MT's playoff record is so bad? Why is okay to do it for him and not Yzerman?

People keep asking why Price hasn't won. They don't look at the teams that he's been on or the teams we've faced. They just look at the record with no context. That's what you're doing here. And it's a really bad argument to make.

I don't know if we would've won a divisional title but there's little chance of us having missed the playoffs. Then again, we're hearing that Price hurt himself down the stretch so maybe it would've happened. I don't know... it's speculative.

What I do know is that we had a tremendous season. I know that we exceeded all of my expectations and that deserves praise not scorn.
All I really know is, we are probably never going to agree on the state of the habs, what is wrong with them, or how to fix it.

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