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09-26-2006, 04:22 PM
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If freshmen are eligible to play on the varsity -- and they are -- should seniors be eligible to play on the freshman team?

Of course, they shouldn't. Seniors would have an unfair advantage in any number of areas over freshmen. Just as boys have any number of advantages -- speed, size, strength -- over girls.

Girls who are athletic enough to compete on a boys' team should be congratulated, much the same as a freshman who can make the varsity. Boys who compete on girls' teams should be condemned, much the same as a senior wishing to compete against freshmen.
I guess this sums up the bulk of my argument. When someone overcomes a disadvantage to succeed on a level with those who do not have the disadvantage, we should applaud. These girls haven't yet done that, but if they do it should be something we look favorably upon. That is in no way the same as going the other direction with it. There is nothing noteworthy, or even remotely fair, about gaining success against lesser competition.

Sorry if this comes off as somewhat sexist, and I do not mean to come off as disrespecting of women's sports (I'm not, many are tremendous athletes in their own right) but the simple fact of the matter is that if women and men could compete on an even level in athletics, we wouldn't even be having this debate.

Competition and sportsmanship to me are the heart of sports and why they are valuable within our society. There is nothing sporting about guys looking to play competitively in a girls' league (assuming this guy is decent).

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