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05-11-2013, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Mikos87 View Post
Interesting debate, I will say this though the last several years, what we've seen in terms of effort had a lot to with the personnel. The short time Tortorella coached Gomez & Zherdev, he was visibly disgusted by them. No joke some of you have avatars from those days.

The full seasons he has had, each year the team got better in terms of effort to the point where it isn't even questioned. Wolski was the last of those players on the roster, and he was a healthy scratch, and Avery was on his last legs. Last years team had all but two guys that played the system and were a right fit.

If folks listened to the Tortorella interviews on Michael Kay, the organization fessed up to saying they took a step back in terms of what they had built by not filling back what they lost (Feds, Mitchell, specifically mentioned Prust). What they lost were their penalty killers. The Rangers had a middling PK w. the best goalie in the world.

So Tortorella or no Tortorella, the Rangers lost their identity when they lost willing shot blockers up and down the line up, not just in PK situations, look at how many pucks get through.

How many shots got to the net this year that would never had made it last? Is it the system? Players? Management?

I'd say it's a little bit of everything.

No one else seems to bring it up, but I've noticed that there is little to no shot blocking done by the Rangers the point shot gets through nearly every time a shot is taken.

Maybe it's because other teams "figure the system out", or the loss of Feds/Prust had a bigger impact on us than we thought. Anisimov and Dubinsky as well, they were key shot blockers and PKers.

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