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05-11-2013, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by misfit View Post
If he had 11.99, my point would be the same.

Mathematically, 11.99 < 12.00 > 12.03, but they're all 12.0% for the purpose of the bet, which is NHL shooting percentage. And NHL shooting percentage is never listed anywhere in thousandths.

Don't worry, I didn't expect my comment to end the discussion. I fully expect this to go on for days (at least).
If the government tax us 5.03% GST instead of 5% every time you and I buy something, would you be okay with it?

I will be a bit unhappy.

Because they are charging us more than 5%, which is an increase of an extra .03% we have to pay.

If Eberle got 11.97%, i doubt BBO can argue about rounding up to 12%.

The bet is all for fun It is what it is. 12.03 is bigger than 12.

I don't expect jadeddog to be a bad enough sport to not honor something that is so clear cut.

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