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My family was into baseball, basketball, and didn't even exist. I was around 10 and lived in the area when the Flyers won their 2 Cups and, unfortunately, ignored it entirely. My father got transferred to Buffalo in late '76, and everyone there loved hockey. I was then brought into the fold as a hockey fanatic, and unbelievably, as a Flyer-hater. The Sabres had lost to the Flyers in the finals 2 seasons earlier, and they were (along with the Habs and Bruins) very much hated.

My father got transferred back to the area in mid-'79, and I started watching the Flyers. It was during "the Streak" season, and Geno made me see the error of my ways. I have been a Flyer die-hard ever since, going strong in my 24th season.

Memorable moments through the years:

I went to my first live Flyer game on February 14th, 1980. I still remember Rick MacLeish killing off a penalty almost single-handedly, skating end to end, then back to the Flyer end, then to center ice, where he skated circles around the Jet players, who could not get the puck away from him. The Spectrum was rocking! I remember the unbeaten streak was over, because I bought a magazine that night covering the entire 35 games. I was sitting in the 3rd level near the press box, and saw Flyer defensemen Behn Wilson and Norm Barnes coming out of the press box. I ran up to Wilson and asked for his autograph. He said he wasn't allowed to sign during games. I told him I wouldn't tell anyone if he didn't. He got a look on his face like "smart-a$$ed teenager" and immediately took the magazine and signed it. Barnes followed suit. Flyers 5, Jets 1.

Game 6 of the '80 finals. Offsides not called on Butch Goring leads to an Isles goal, Denis Potvin with a goal knocked in with a high stick that was allowed. Horrific officiating denies the Flyers a chance, and jump starts an Isles dynasty. Isles 5, Flyers 4 (OT).

Being at the Spectrum for the first game linesman Leon Stickle was at in Philly after the horrific non-offsides call in the previous years finals against the Isles. November 6, 1980, Flyers-Kings. The Spectrum was alive as one, and Stickle took verbal harassment all night. And there were anti-Stickle banners covering the facing of every level in the building....Flyers 8, Kings 2.

Being at the Spectrum when Willy Lindstrom score 5 goals against the Flyers March 2, 1982. Jets 7, Flyers 6.

Flocky hockey

Dave Poulin's breakaway 2-man shorthanded goal against the Nords, game 6 semi-finals, '85 playoffs. Flyers 2, Nords 0.

Pelle. My son, Josh, was born 5 days after the death of the beloved Gumper. I wanted to name my son Erik in memorium, my (now) ex vetoed it. Pelle is still my favorite Flyer of all-time.

Tim Kerr's 4 straight 50-goal years. If he could have only stayed healthy at playoff time....

Hextall taking the Flyers to within 1 win of the Cup. Down 3 games to 1, each game was a rollercoaster of emotion, from the frustration of early 2-goal deficits, to the thrill of incredible come-from-behind wins. I knew the Flyers were doomed in game 7 when, for the 1st time in the series, the Flyers scored 1st (Murray Craven). Oilers 3, Flyers 1.

Hexy's nervous breakdown against the Hab's Chris Chelios in the semis. The series was, for all intent and purpose over, and someone had to retaliate for the cheap shot Chelios took on Brian Propp.

Hexy's goals

The Lindros trade fiasco. Man, if we had only kept Forsberg, the other 6 players, 2 first round picks, and $15 million. Might have won another Cup or two. But hey, hindsight is always 20/20.

Talking with Tommy Soderstrom at training camp before the start of the '93-'94 season. We were looking at a season preview magazine I had brought to the rink with me, and it said the Flyer goaltending would keep them out of the playoffs once again. Tommy laughed and said that was ridiculous. Those words rang through my head when a Gord Murphy blueline backhander sailed into the Flyer net and handed the Flyers a brutal home loss to the Panthers when they were scratching and clawing for every point to make the playoffs. Like the mag said, they didn't make it. Sorry Tommy.....

Seeing the Flyers live at Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium. A buddy of mine got me great tix behind the one goal (we were actually sitting directly in front of a very young Michael Peca. Got his 'graph, too). Great brawl instigated by Garth Snow and Matthew Barnaby in the 2nd period, all of the players were sent to locker room early and had to add the time onto the 3rd period. Barnaby sat behind us after his shower (he got a game misconduct in the brawl) and laughed like a kid who just stole something from a store when my buddy (a devout Sabre fan and the one who converted me to hockey maniac) said "Good going Matty".

'97 finals. Total domination by the Wings.

Primeau's goal in the 5th OT versus the Pens in the '00 playoffs. Flyers 2, Pens 1 (5 OT)

Stevens hit on Lindros, Flyers lose game 7 to the Devs on a late Elias goal in the '00 semis. Devs 2, Flyers 1

Recchi's goal in the 3rd OT against the Leafs last year. What a series....3 games of 2 OT's or more. No wonder there was nothing left for the Sens in the next round.

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