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09-26-2006, 06:13 PM
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Basically, these girls are complaining that their HS girls team "is a joke" so they think they should be accomodated on a better team. What I'm trying to get at is why do some people think it is their right to be provided with every opportunity to play sports at *their* highest level. If a boy is a volleyball prodigy, but his school doesn't have a boys team is he being discriminated against? No. If my basketball team just plain sucks and gets beaten by every team we played, is that the schools fault? No. If my baseball team dominates every team in our league to the point that it is no fun to play, should we be compensated for "lack of suitable competition"? No. These girls think they're too good for their HS team, boo hoo. Suck it up and try and pass on some of your skill or play a different sport or move somewhere else. The fact that their girls HS team isn't up to *their* standards is not an injustice worthy of anything more than a "Too bad" remark and a pat on the back from Mom and Dad.

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