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01-03-2004, 06:04 AM
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The good, Peter Kanko is called Tanko by his coach and mates on his wjc team. He is a MONSTER on the puck. I stayed up all night to watch the WJC game (came on at 1am for me or abouts) and after watching him play as much as possible in other games I have these observations.

One, he is a bloody raging bull when it comes to puck control and checking. He is an amazing kid in the corners and can really be a basher in the Nuetral zone. What an animal.
Two, he is great at controlling the puck at speed. He tends to get his shot off on net and that is a pretty neat trick in itself as allot of players have a tendency of missing more than hitting the net.
Three, He plays with smart abandon. He knows whats coming and does his bloody job. I love the way he plays all out.

Four, He is having a bad tourney missing on wide open shots. Thats not to say that he is missing the net but he has a this habit of shooting where he looks. For example, he had Fluery down and beat and not even looking his way and instead of putting the puck where he wasn't he managed to shoot it into the goalies chest. He has done that allot. Shoot where they aren't mate.

Five, He lets his temper get after him. He will go out of his way to repay a cheapie.

I think, that if we were to go on this tourney and what I gather from his camps and his junior page that we are looking at a magnificent third liner with real scoring potential in him. He has the tools to be a top sixer and might just become one as he develops but as of now, he seems to be one of those blokes who just loves the physical play and scoring isn't as important to him. He is a dandy and a step above his peers though and that is great for us.

I will update the wjc thread later. Cheers mates, Tanko is something else to watch.

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